02 July 2008

Though this is the hardest decission for my life.. i have to do it... i have to "let go" my passion that i love for my life, photography. This will be my last posting here and anywhere about photography... for me, photography is dead now..if god will, we will meet again.. salam.

Ian Ahmad

*noted to my client's: full refund will given by me in two weeks time, thank you.

This photo i took a year ago, using my Olympus OM10 with 50mm 1.8 lens attach, loading with BnW film...but this film is been missing for a long time, somehow i found it in a box of my belonging inside the car, i took it to my friend for developed it..sadly, the film is not so "well" la, due the heat and cold inside the car - sendri mau ingat la...

30 June 2008

This is a great book. A compilation of 100 years of photography by National Geagraphic photographers, the best and the greatest in one book! yeay... I got this book last night, a present from my lovely wife, Yuzs..where she get it?.. I dont know la, but this book is mine now...

I borrowed this book, Five Thousand Days Press Photography In Changing World from my friend Sharoll. Good for my reference and great in contents, with 400++ pages this book is great!..still reading it, duh!