26 May 2008

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Recent Work: Pulau Ketam Revisited 2008
Do some photoshoots during my 4th visit at Pulau Ketam, Klang. We had our 2 days workshop on Photojournalism and Documentary assignment, lead by Shamsyarin Shamsudin of EPA and Rahman Roslan of Majority World and organised by Khairil of Chaps Photographers. So here is some of my shots of that day.

An old man having his relaxing time in front of the house, watching people goes by in everyday life and their is not much you can do when you're living in Pulau Ketam.

This boy is actually playing hide and seek with his friend, peeping constantly behing the door, i just waiting for the right moment to shot this.

This fisherman is knitting his net, fisherman is a main job for this island due the location is far from mainland which is 45 minutes away by boat and the nearest jetty is in Pelabuhan Klang (Port Klang).

Photos and caption by Ian Ahmad/easternimages 2008