08 July 2008

People Protest for Price Hike

Thousands of people, gathering inside the local stadium when they were take part in the people protest against the Malaysian governtment for increasing the fuel over a month ago. Malaysia is increasing the price of petrol and diesel over 41%, the highest in the history of Malaysia.

Ian Ahmad/Malaysia.

07 July 2008

Ikan Bakar Gerai Mak Lang at Jalan Bellamy, Kuala Lumpur.

Today is my off day, so i decided to go out with my wife and our son for food hunting for lunch. We have heard from our friends about the ikan bakar stall at Jalan Bellamy, Kuala Lumpur, so after a few click and research at the internet for map and place location we off to go. We take about 15 minutes from home to go there, and since we are the earlier who arrive there, still got a time for us to choose the stall we want to try..so we choosing the stall named Gerai Ikan Bakar Berempah Mak Lang, its because they serve the spicy ikan bakar with a variety of ulam..wergh!.. I cannot tahan already when the aroma of grilled sotong entering my hidung, cant take it no more.. "akak!, kasi nasi penuh satu, air teh-o ais dengan air suam,..cepat sikit ye", and i took the whole sotong bakar pedas and ikan pari bakar berempah for my wife with the pegaga, timun and petai rebus as our ulam..an for our son Adam choose to go slow with a chiken goreng and tauhu soup..

burpppppppppp... ah, full the tank already, while my wife and son having their dessert, a rojak buah and air mata kucing at the nearby stall, i took some time to having chat with Sham and Din, who runs the business with their family. They said, Jalan Bellamy is actualy a part of Istana Negara reerved area, when DBKL decided to developed the area for a project. Thats why, in front of the stalls we can see the old colonial architecture still remains use as a office,schools and government area, and yet the Istana Negara staff quaters is just a meter away.

For the next trip there, i definately will try the Ikan Kembong Sumbat and Grilled Chiken!